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Gold sea urchin

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Gold sea urchin

│ Description │
Female diver catch this themselves in East Sea, and collect the eggs of sea urchin and processed, it is very delicious and precious product. Gold sea urchin is caught around May - July and collected pink sea urchin's eggs only, it has high protein, so it called as "hormone in the sea". It has much folic acid, so good for digest, especially good for heath as tonic.

│ Sea urchin seaweed soup │
Cut seaweed into small pieces, put in sea urchin properly and add salt, soybean paste and boil, and add welsh onion, then completed.

│ Sea urchin porridge │
1 can of purple sea urchin, rice 400 g, 2 big spoons of sesame oil, salt, welsh onion. Put in the oil to the pot and fry sea urchin's eggs and rice and pour warm water and boil long time.

It is good for sea urchin noodles, sea urchin soup, sea urchin steamed rice rolled with laver. (Kimbab) and a accompaniment of wine. .